The Detroit Cast – one for the dude’s dude

the detroit cast image

A couple funny guys discuss current happenings and sports in the style of a morning show. Although it’s based in Detroit, it’s entertaining even if you’re not from there.

The show operates like a morning show as it covers similar topics to those on the radio and is released five days a week, but they make it clear that the show is free of the regulations of radio. This means their opinions are stronger, more vulgar, (and more funny) than a typical radio host.

They spend a lot of time discussing sports and playfully debating. They truly are skilled entertainers as their episodes average about 1.5 hours, five days a week, and it doesn’t get tiring.

Possible turnoff:

There’s a good chance you’ll get offended by listening to the show. The hosts do not hold back on their strong, vulgar opinions. You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it.


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