The Anthropocene Reviewed – one for those interested in the small things

Anthropocene Reviewed

Author John Green reviews random things on our planet like Canada geese or Super Mario Kart while uncovering interesting facts about them.

The term “Anthropocene” refers to the current geological era we live in – the era where human activity has had a considerable environmental impact on our planet.

You may know John Green from his bestselling novel The Fault in Our Stars or from his YouTube ventures with his brother Hank Green.

Instead of ranting about why he likes or dislikes these random things, his thoughts on each topic are very well researched and scripted. He offers facts like: a single Canada Goose can produce up to 1000 pounds of poop in one year.

At the end of each segment, he gives the subject a rating out of five.

Other things he has rated include:

Hawaiian Pizza

ham and pineapple pizza

Googling strangers

googling strangers







Possible turnoff

Don’t listen while trying to stay awake on a road trip. It is interesting, but he uses a lot of big words, so if you are not fully paying attention it could put you to sleep.



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