Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard – one for those wondering what it’s like to be famous

armchair expert

An inside look at celebrities’ lives told from the comfort of a sofa.

Actor and comedian Dax Shepard brings on famous guests (mostly other actors and comedians) and interviews them about their lives and shares stories about his own life. He humanizes his celebrity guests by showing that they watch the same shows we do, listen to the same music and have had the same heartbreaks and failures.

The show has achieved a lot of popularity since it started in February 2018. He’s brought on guests like Ellen DeGeneres, Mila Kunis, Seth Myers and Portugal. The Man.

If you think it sounds familiar, that’s because it follows a very similar format to WTF with Marc Maron and You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes.

This might be the perfect show for you if you didn’t like You Made It Weird because of Pete Holmes’ shrill voice and laughter. Dax’s voice is very easy to listen to.

Dax also puts his own twist on the show with a fact check section. At the end of each episode, Dax and his producer Monica go through the episode and fact check things that he and his guest said. The section is very helpful in a time where it’s easy to wonder if comedians are actually telling the truth when being interviewed.


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