Terrible, Thanks For Asking – one for the honest

TTFA Season2 3000x3000

When someone asks, “how’s it going?”, most people will answer with some form of good/not bad/ it’s going/living the dream even if that’s not the case. When tragedy hits, you still have to go about your life and continue small talk.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking is a storytelling podcast that brings in guests to share their raw tragic stories and to discuss how they feel about it, instead of masking it.

The host, Nora McInerny has been through her fair share of tragedy. She miscarried her baby and lost her husband to cancer shortly after getting married. She creates an environment where people talk honestly about grief in both funny and sad ways.

The storytelling is very powerful. In one episode – Ep. 26: Perfectly – Nora talks to an ER doctor who lost her husband in the very hospital where she works. She was extremely mad at herself when she couldn’t see the signs of his illness and save him, but learned to not blame herself. This was made even more difficult when she saw her late husband’s deathbed every day at work.

The podcast has a community around it. They have a Facebook group called the Terrible Club where listeners where over one thousand listeners support each other.

Possible turnoff

Do not listen if you do not want to cry. The stories are very powerful and raw and will make you cry.


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