My Brother, My Brother and Me – one for those seeking humorous advice


An advice podcast that dishes out useless advice but makes you laugh.

Three brothers team up to answer questions from fans and from Yahoo Answers. Unlike most advice podcasts, you won’t be listening to actually get advice, but because the hosts are hilarious.

In each episode, there is probably more time spent on tangents than actual answers to the questions.

The show’s format is very similar to a previously highlighted podcast, If I Were You. They are both advice podcasts with goofy hosts. They both take submissions from their audience and offer life advice, but aren’t really experts in their field. They’re just three brothers with funny opinions on things.

MBMBaM tends to focus less on sex and relationship advice, instead immersing themselves in bizarre questions about hypothetical scenarios. For example, one Yahoo Answers question asked – If you pump a haunted cellar full of concrete, does it get rid of the ghosts? Or the ghosts just move upstairs? Their answer delved into how that would physically work without really answering the question. But hey, it was funny.



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